Transpaco is a leading manufacturer, recycler and distributor of paper and plastic packaging products in South Africa.
An individual using the name of JACOB BOOI is a fraudster attempting to purchase goods from unsuspecting suppliers utilizing the trade name of TRANSPACO Packaging.
Do not under any circumstance supply any goods to this person and please verify all account forms and purchase orders purporting to originate from any TRANSPACO and or FUTURE Packaging company.
Contact the relevant Transpaco company or Transpaco’s Head Office.
Do not under any circumstances supply goods to an individual known as Jacob Booi mobile numbers 0655704469 / 0738616562 / 0687466987 / 0655704469 or email address


Unaudited Condensed Interim Group Results For The Six Months To 31 December 2023 And Declaration Of Dividend Read more...

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